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Vegetable Samosa

Chef Ernesto's Vegetable Samosas are handcrafted dumplings packed with veggies and taste. This stuffed pastry snack is 100% vegetarian. Made using only farm raised natural vegetables and spices, this delicacy will make your mouth tingle and bring a smile to the face of everyone who tries them. Vegetable Samosas achieve the high standard of all Chef Ernesto products – wonderful flavor and carefully prepared with no preservatives or additives.

Serving Chef Ernesto's Vegetable Samosas is a snap. You can use a skillet, microwave, fryer, or toaster oven to quickly prepare this dumpling for the table. Vegetable Samosas make a great side dish or appetizer. and contain no cholesterol. Here is a delicious treat to serve up at home or bring to a party. These pastries will have you coming back for more and wanting to try other Chef Ernesto products.
Priced for working individuals and families, Chef Ernesto's Vegetable Samosas are food you want to put on your table. Chef Ernesto products are committed to bringing natural, appealing vegetarian foods to everyone who enjoys them. Quality is at the forefront of every Chef Ernesto product. The Chef Ernesto's food line is dedicated to bringing great choices to the tables of those who watch their budget.