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Vegetable Empanadas

Chef Ernesto's Vegetable Empanadas have a crisp and golden outside, and are full of vegetables and spices on the inside. Once you bite down on these handcrafted delicacies, you will wonder why it took you so long to try them. Natural ingredients make up this 100% vegetarian delight and will immediately be a favorite around the table. Preparation is simple as you can cook these Vegetable Empanadas with a toaster oven, microwave, or on the stove.

Made with vegetables that go right from the farms to the kitchen, Chef Ernesto's Vegetable Empanadas contain no preservatives. You can actually pronounce every ingredient listed on the box! You can serve Chef Ernesto's Vegetable Empanadas at dinner, for a snack, or at a party. You can feel comfort knowing you are providing everyone with a great food treat.
Chef Ernesto's Vegetable Empanadas, like all Chef Ernesto products, have been carefully prepared to be tasty, fun, and nutritious while being affordable for all. You can find Vegetable Empanadas and the entire line of Chef Ernesto products at a location near you. Here is your opportunity to bring delicious, all-natural dishes into your home. Once you try Vegetable Empanadas, you will be eager to sample the rest of Chef Ernesto foods.