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Green Beans

Chef Ernesto's Breaded Green Beans are a dish that can complement a meal, or stand alone as a snack. As a popular appetizer in many restaurants, breaded green beans have come into their own. Chef Ernesto has taken this up a notch with our all-natural, 100% vegetarian snack that is full of flavor and easy to prepare. You can easily heat up Chef Ernesto's Breaded Green Beans and quickly treat your family and friends with this zesty treat.

Chef Ernesto takes pride that you can pronounce all the ingredients in our Breaded Green Beans, just as you can in all Chef Ernesto foods. The handpicked, tender green beans are farm grown and there are absolutely no preservatives or chemicals in the food. Each box is free of cholesterol and trans fat, and is a healthy addition to your food pantry. These Breaded Green Beans will blow you away in taste and economy. Be sure to have this Chef Ernesto item on your shopping list the next time you are at the store.
Chef Ernesto's Breaded Green Beans reflect the company's commitment to making tasty and healthy food available to everyone. This company philosophy was the owner's vison from the beginning. He remembers when he had to go shopping when the money was tight. Available at an incredibly low price, these Breaded Green Beans are only one of many Chef Ernesto products that will brighten up your meals and snacks.