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French Toast Sticks

Chef Ernesto's French Toast Sticks are a quick, delicious, and all-natural choice for the morning breakfast table. All the ingredients used in the preparation of Chef Ernesto's French Toast Sticks are what you would use if you made them yourself. Children and adults love them just as they are, or with their favorite topping like maple syrup, honey, or sugar. They are easy to heat up and convenient to eat at the breakfast table, or if you have to grab something as you are running out the door.

Everything in Chef Ernesto's French Toast Sticks comes from the farm and you will not find any artificial flavoring or preservatives in them. In fact, you can pronounce every ingredient used in the recipe. Only the best cinnamon is used and there are no artificial flavorings. However, you may not have words for the flavor! This is a wonderful and tasty way to start out the day. Once you try them, Chef Ernesto's French Toast Sticks will become a regular entrée for breakfast.
Besides being delicious and all natural, Chef Ernesto French Toast Sticks are for the cost-conscious shopper. The entire Chef Ernesto product line is priced to fit your food budget. French Toast Sticks and all of Chef Ernesto's products are available at a store near you. Be one of the many who are surprised how a company can pull together a truly tasty, all natural breakfast fare at such a low price.